Are your drivers distracted?

Thursday,  April 25th


Join us to learn how you can monitor phone usage in your vehicles and teach drivers how to stay focused on the road.

There are 660,000 distracted drivers on the road right now.

Fleet Management Driver Score

During this FREE webinar you will see:

  • The 3 types of distracted driving
  • Ready Fleet's phone monitoring capabilities
  • How our driver scorecards can help you coach drivers
  • Samples of our Driving Report and distracted driving policy and pledge

Stay up to date at the office or on the go with Web, iPhone and Android Apps.

Web and App Interfaces

Keep costs under control with visibility into fuel usage, idle time, and fill ups.



Easily setup custom alerts and notifications for your fleet and stay up to date in real time.

Custom Alerts & Notifications



Identify risky behavior, create safer drivers and reduce accidents.



Track maintenance, battery health, engine temperature alerts, fuel levels and DTCs for your vehicles.

Monitor and route vehicles with real-time location and traffic awareness.

Real Time 

Location Tracking

Ben Muhlenbruch

You're in great hands with Ben taking you for a spin through the Ready Fleet platform! He's our in-house expert for all things Ready Fleet, and the safest driver in our company. Seriously - ask him what his driver score is!

Ready Fleet Expert &  Your Webinar Host

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