Know where your stuff is at all times

Using feedback from current Ready Fleet customers, we developed this new platform perfect for tracking business assets like machinery, trailers, lawnmowers, generators, and more.

In this 15 minute webinar, we'll demo Ready Asset Tracking and run through all the features that make this the perfect platform to manage your assets.

Thursday,  March 21st



During this webinar you will see:

  • How easy it is to get started with Ready Asset Tracking
  • How to track the movement history of any asset
  • Use cases and details about our current device lineup

Solar & Battery Powered

Both solar and battery-powered devices suited for a variety of uses and environments.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Live tracking gives you instant visibility into where your assets are right now.

Simple Installation

All devices install in seconds, using magnets or VHB tape.

Movement Alerts

Alert notifications of asset arrival or departure. Monitor schedules and dwell times to make critical business decisions.

Weather Resistant Devices

All of our devices are dust tight and built to withstand high-powered water jets.

Advanced Reporting

Search, sort or group to view by asset type or size. Reporting makes it easy to monitor locations.

Ben Muhlenbruch

You're in great hands with Ben taking you for a spin through the new Ready Asset Tracking platform! He's our in-house expert for all things Ready Fleet, and has led the development of Ready Asset Tracking.

Ready Asset Tracking Expert &  Your Webinar Host

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